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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Punk y Metal Vinyl Available via Bandcamp

Today on google play I listened to an automatically generated grindcore radio station for seven hours straight. It was exhilarating.

Here's some cool new vinyl released this past week and available thru each band's respective Bandcamp page. It's not all grindcore, but some of it is.

Let's begin with some highly palatable electro-pop from Madrid. Great stuff:

Dead Ghosts are from Vancouver and I really enjoyed their album Can't Get No, released this past April on Burger Records. Here they are with an obscure 60s psych cover on a split with a band called Skeptics on Frantic City Records:

More Canadian punk, this from British Columbia:

Half-psych, half-punk, all French:

Riot grrl action from Phoenix. Fourth or fifth wave feminism for sure:

Glammy art/arty glam punk from Cleveland:

Goofy garage horror-punk from Ohio:

Let's get to the hard stuff. I love everything about this doomy grindcore from Des Moines:

HC deutschpunk from Terrortubbies Tonträger:

Skatepunk from Leipzig:

Grindcore from Tours:

The A side of this noisey hardcore from Baltimore's SPHC Records label is a little over 12 minutes, the B side a little under 8 minutes. Of course I love it:

And fin, here's some killer grindcore, also from SPHC Records: