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Monday, January 5, 2015

New Vinyl from Bandcamp

2015 will be the year I thoroughly embrace Australian crust. Here's a split from Sydney's Inebrious Bastard with a band from Winnipeg called TERRORIST:

Courtesy Indiana's Middle-Man Records, this interesting split between Madrid's Eros + Massacre and Lafayette, Indiana's Coma Regalia has cool packaging, featuring "two color screen printed wrap around cardboard with different images on each side fastened together with an obi strip."

That sounds nice, and I like the songs, three tracks apiece from both bands. One of the bandcamp tags for this release is "skramz," which is a term I've never heard. Per Urban Dictionary, this "skramz" is used to refer to "REAL screamo/emo." (Urban Dictionary's caps, not mine.) And then Urban Dictionary lists some bands that ARE (my caps) skramz bands of which I've never heard, and some bands that AREN'T (my caps) skramz, and I've never heard of them, either. I assume this burgeoning skramz set wears their skull and weed leaf belt buckles just like the rest of us.

I like this split, they say it's an 8". Skramz forever, why not:

Cool garage punk from San Fran, available on black and white splatter vinyl:

From Suffolk, UK's Kibou Records, there's only a handful of this 9 band/10 song Neo-Albion punk comp left:

I just made Neo-Albion punk up, I think.

I love this hobby, and I love the Internet, because I love to learn new stuff about music history, like skramz for example, and I love to learn that stuff from home. This I just learned from home: Polish punk label Nikt Nic Nie Wie is the first Polish independent record label, established in 1989. They've got a lot of cool stuff to offer naturally, and I just ordered this 7" compilation, released back in 2011 - 9 bands from Silesia, Poland. Awesome.