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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Land of Blood and Sunshine, Modern Life is War, La Urss, Midnight Plus One, Leroy and the Drivers, and Simo Soo

I like this new psych-pop from Marshalltown, Iowa. You can order the 12" yellow vinyl of Land of Blood and Sunshine's Aeon from Very Nice Dementia:

I was reading the Wikipedia page for Marshalltown, Iowa, because I was like, what's up with there? And it said one of the town's notable exports is a band called Modern Life Is War, who I've never heard of, but this sounds cool:

Synchronicity: I read on Bremen's Sabotage Records newsletter that band Terrible Feelings new LP Tremors will be out in April, just in time for their tour with the aforementioned Modern Life is War.

Here's something else cool from Sabotage, coming out in March:

You can pre-order Limited Edition Red Shell Cassettes of this sweet action from Negative Fun Records, run out of North Carolina and New Hampshire.

Germany's Tramp Rec is in the habit of re-issuing awesome stuff on vinyl:

Life isn't complete without a Simo Soo track, this from 2011, but I just heard it for the first time, and it sounds fresh as all get out: