Monday, February 2, 2015

Savageheads, G.L.O.S.S., Glazed Baby, Clara Engel, Lucern Raze, HOLY, No Love

This great punk EP from Boston's Savageheads was released last June, but I just found out about them through CNQ's favorite Croatian distro, Doomtown Records, who has the mp3s for sale for $2 and change - they may have the vinyl too, I'm not sure. Doesn't look like anyone else on the Internet does.

This transgender hc awesomeness from Olympia has a 7" in the works. It's pay what thou wilt for mp3s in the meantime. Dig that d-beat:

I feel like I mighta shared this already, but just in case, it bears repeating. These Rhode Island noise punks recorded this in 1996, and then more was added a couple of years later. It's their last recording and Providence's Atomic Action released it onto the web, 10 songs for $5. Oh man, it's awesome:

CNQ's favorite Toronto-based singer-songwriter has two new rad tracks available for $2 USD. I don't think I've ever seen Canadian money. Maybe they just trade in good vibes. J/K. No joke though, Engel gets better and better with each release. A singular voice and talent:

From Burger and PNKSLM, this garage single from Stockholm equals awesome. Album coming in late February:

Also from PNKSLM, check out this garage-psych from HOLY (Not to be confused with the Italian hc outfit HOLY). This album is due out March 11, pre-order from the PNKSLM site if you want it, as it seems to be selling fast:

Sorry State has a new single out in their North Carolina series of singles. This is their second, sounds great. The first one featuring the The Davidians is really good too.