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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I've been away for a couple of weeks, so this post is some catching up with some new stuff from the U.S. and abroad, courtesy CNQ's fave labels and bands on bandcamp.

Robert Belfour was a Mississippi bluesman who died at age 74 this past February 24. I have been sadly ignorant of Belfour and his work until tonight. R.I.P., Robert Belfour:

Pretty little garage rocker by the Lemons. They're from Chicago:

This Brooklyn band has a Paper Chase thing going on:

This was put out two years ago but it's new to me, and I like it:

Birthday Suits are from Minneapolis/St. Paul and the label, Recess Records, is outta LA:

Here's an L.A. band, also from Recess:

These are both courtesy France's Frantic City Records:

CNQ fave avant-folkie Clara Engel has teamed up with an experimental minimalist from the UK on this track:

From Wales' Small Bear Records and Sweden's "jazz-tinged indie" band Club K, this is so hep:

Speaking of the Swedes and their rich traditions of modern popular music, here's some Swedish punk:

New awesomeness from Poland's first DIY label, Nikt Nic Nie Wie:

I'm into this punk 7" from German label Terrortubbies Tonträger. Love that organ:

More hc from another German label, Sabotage Records:

Ska's not really my thing but these UK punks have a cool thing going on:

Oh, you wanted to hear some Peruvian wandering folk beatniks? Well, turn it up:

More "skramz," man, from Indiana and Middle Man Records, this is 30 seconds of rad:

Raleigh North Carolina's Sorry State Records just brings it and brings it:

You can pre-order the new Dirty Fences through the Slovenly Records bandcamp page:

This is interesting breakbeat that uses samples from Abbey Road. Cassette orders are sold out:

Rounding out this long set with three new hip-hop tracks from the LNS Crew, which is Denver-based artist Cory Kendrix, and Austinites Kydd Jones and Tank Washington: