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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Internet Blaster

Two weeks after I began my ambitious new money making scheme, a blog for strictly new music, "Ear Baby," I am tonight shutting it down and going back to strictly CNQ for my 45 RPM posts and new stuff I come across on the Internet. Trying to figure out how to turn a dime on a music blog wasn't fun to think about. CNQ is fun because it's my hobby. Not the first project I began abruptly and ended just as quick - not the last. In the meantime expect more of what you've come to expect from CNQ - quick mixes of new music for my work desk, and obscure 45s of various quality I come across, all posted when I feel like it.

So here's the new stuff I've shared on Ear Baby in the past couple of weeks, in case you missed it. I'm not dedicated enough to go back in and put in the hyperlinks to the labels and whatnot I'd linked to in the Ear Baby posts, so just imagine they're there.

Two new hardcore tracks from Brisbane's Naked Noise Records. The label says they're about to release a promotional tape for Choke's Left with Nothing LP, due out later this year.

Atlanta's Chunklet Records has this 12" split available on clear vinyl, from London's Part Chimp and Miami's Torche. Apparently Part Chimp is breaking up and this is their last Stateside release. They have two pretty heavy, five minute-ish songs on the split. Torche covers three Guided By Voices songs. It's really odd, I just heard this today, and just last night I ordered a used CD copy of Propeller/Vampire On Titus, GBV's 5th and 6th album together on one CD. Two of the three covers are from Propeller. The 12" has cool cover art too:

I've been on a bit of an 80th goth kick so this new gothy punk from Australia and Costa Mesa's Mass Media Records sits well with me. Available on colored vinyl:

Mid-70s soul/funk re-issue from Tramp Records:

Cool new French garage from France's Frantic City Records:

More new deutschpunk from German hardcore label Terrortubbies Tontrager:

Straightforward punk from Knoxville. New 10 track album available for dl on bancamp. I like this:

LoVeMuscLe is Lisa Preston and Sir Froderick. Laid back breakbeat with female vocal, what's not to groove to? Originally released back in 2011, this 7 track album is now available for dl on bandcamp:

The wife and I caught Baltimore's War on Women a couple of weekends ago at Spillover Fest in the D and they blew us away, a feat all the more impressive since it was noon on a Sunday and we had not yet begun to drink. Bridge Nine Records put out their 11 track debut album back in February. Radical agitprop fourth wave feminism. Buy the LP from Bridge Nine here. Highly recommended:

They've got a new video too:

Yesterday Twerp Records released this 8-song 45 from Boston punks 2x4. It's their first vinyl effort and you can order it here. Back in November, fellow music blogger Cut & Paste shared the band's 4 song demo, which features the two songs streaming below ("Survive the Mess" and "Lost In Terror") plus two more. Pretty cool hc.

I've been enjoying this new album from Chicago's Broken Prayer. A mix of hardcore with some Devo-esque synth. Available on cassette or green vinyl from Sorry State Records:

If you're into hc and haven't done so already, also check out Gay Kiss' Preservation Measures and Dark Ages' Vapor LPs, both available through Sorry State.

Grave Mistake Records is taking pre-orders for Red Death's Permanent Exile LP, which will be released April 21. The band will also be going on a U.S. tour with UK's The Flex. It's packed with shows all over the country, click the Red Death embed below for those dates:

Also on April 21, Negative Fun Records will be releasing this all female garage punk EP from Philly:

Germany's Sabotage Records has LP previews for these more straightforward punk acts. The first is another all female band, this one from Portland:

...and these guys are from Singapore:

Rounding out this batch from my favorite German labels, Germany's re-issue crazy Tramp Records has just put out their third 45 single collection of rare and obscure funk, soul, and r&b tracks from like, yesteryear:

LA's Recess Records has recently posted this on their bandcamp page, from recently defunct SoCal punkers Summer Vacation, 3/4's of which now operate as Winter Break. As Winter Break, they got press from the A.V. Club the other day. That's big time, good job guys:

I'm a little late to the table on this cassette comp of Australian acts, released in January and already sold out (You can still support 'em with $5 for a digital dl). I recently heard and really like this song. I've also very recently learned the curative properties of retail therapy, so it, ya know, speaks to me, man:

Cool new scuzzy-fied garage rock from Richmond, VA. The Nervous Ticks have a $5 cassette, "Skynet," that should be ready to ship around April 6. Or you can get it now digitally for $2 via bandcamp. Enjoy: