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Sunday, August 23, 2015

A little housecleaning on the blog roll.

I've always taken pride in my blog roll, "Noisy Neighbors." When I started doing this blog back in 2012 it was right at the end of the first wave of music blogs, the demise of which coincided with the gubment crackdown on file sharing sites. In the past few years there's really been a resurgence of bloggers sharing new music via bandcamp and soundcloud, as well as people sharing oldies and oddities from their record collections. Really cool stuff and as far as I could tell, my blog roll was the most comprehensive one out there. I am proud of it; I like comprehensive lists.

So it is with heavy heart that today I excised a goodly portion of that list. If a blog hasn't posted in more than 6 months, I cut them. Mainly for aesthetic purposes, the list was just getting too gangly. I left Crud Crud on there in memorium, Crud Crud being the first music blog I ever got into and was a direct inspiration for CNQ.

Some really good stuff from these blogs. Some of them announced they weren't going to keep posting, others just disappeared into the Inter-aeyther. My personal favorites from the ones I removed included Praguefrank's Country Music Discographies, Wild Devil Rules, Punk Business Manager, DIE or D.I.Y., Year Zero Records, and Mutant Sounds. Some of these were blogs that got some media attention: So I Married A Record Collector, Awesome Tapes From Africa, Office Naps.

Anyway, for reference, here's the list of the blogs I took off the roll today. 


3/5/23 Edit: This post got removed for violating some community guideline, but I'm not sure which one. I removed the list of blogs I took off the roll and am republishing, thinking perhaps something in the list triggered the takedown?