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Sunday, August 23, 2015

New Punk y Rock'n'Roll

Sun Children Sun are from Japan. They're going to be touring the states this fall, looks like. Their bandcamp page boldly states:


Far out. Courtesy Baltimore's SPHC Records:

Melbourne seems to be a breeding ground for cool tunes these days. From Las Vegas' Slovenly Records, PRONTO's self-titled LP is due out in October:

This is off a 1996 Chunklet compilation CD included with issue 12 of Chunklet. Per the Atlanta-based label, most of the tracks are still unavailable elsewhere. It has some Harvey Danger, Elf Power, Thee Hyrdrogen Terrors, Six Finger Satellite, and a lot more on it. You can buy it on bandcamp for $5. I'd say go for it. More Than Kittens is by Xerobot:

Cool new rock'n'roll from the Isle of Man and CNQ fave Small Bear Records:

The new Buck Biloxi and the Fucks album rules the school, I've been rockin' it once a day or so: