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Monday, August 31, 2015

That Wild Sound from North Carolina, Tokyo, San Juan, Former Yugoslavia, Lancashire, and Massachusetts!

Fuzzy new Dungeons and Dragons inspired garage rock from Chapel Hill and Negative Fun Records. Two tracks available now, cassettes and CDs are pre-order, album due out 9/18:

This is also fuzzy garage from Negative Fun, but the band is from Charlotte, and has a female vocalist. You can get this 2013 7" for $5.50, limited to 300 randomly colored vinyl:

I shared a track from Tokyo punks Sun Children Sun a few posts ago, but they're awesome so here's another one. Listen to those pew-pews! They're touring the U.S. at some point in the near future:

San Juan's premiere primitive rock'n'rollers, as far as I know, are Madd Blake and the Stalins. Here's another bitchin' live song from this past June:

This is from a 1986 tape of former Yugoslavian punk that Doomtown Records has just released on bandcamp. I listened to all of it today, it's really good:

Tymonn Dogg was a long time collaborator with Joe Strummer. He was discovered by Paul McCartney at age 17 and has recorded with McCarntney, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and James Taylor, and toured with the Moody Blues. Here's a single called "Pound of Grain" from his latest album, "Made of Light":

Boutique label Sister Cylinder is from Bloomington, Indiana and the band, Secret Lover, is from Worcester, Massachusetts. Arty psych-pop. The vocalist is reminiscent of Grace Slick, which is uncommon and interesting: