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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Texan hip-hop y noise rock; HC punk from Italy, Chicago, and New York; a new 70s funk/soul compilation from Tramp Records.

HC hip-hop from Houston. Cool video too:

New noise rock from Denton, Texas:

HC punk from Italy:

Label Randy Records and band The Yolks are both from Chicago:

Here's two new full albums, courtesy bandcamp:

New York lady-punks, all in Portuguese. I listened to all of this today, it's rad. They've gotten some press from the Village Voice and Stereogum, much cooler than CNQ:

CNQ's favorite German re-issue label Tramp Records has this compilation, "Praise Poems 2- A journey into deep, soulful jazz & funk from the 1970s," available in various formats. Very groovy: