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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

International Rock'n'Roll Mixtape: 8 New Songs from Around the World

Lately, my posts featuring new music have turned into a bit of a broken record - new, cool tunes, but most of 'em from the same bands and labels I follow on Bandcamp and/or get email updates from.

So tonight, here's some rad new sounds from bands I've never heard before. A lot of them are from overseas and I think that's the tops, man, bless this internet.

These are all from today's new arrivals in the Bandcamp punk genre, and the theme is quick blasts of male-vocal punk, mostly garage-style and mostly lo-fi, but there's some hardcore and crusty stuff thrown in too. If that's your thing, enjoy! Otherwise, you know, I guess you shouldn't bother listening:

From Paris, France:

From Barcelona:

From Kunchukokhabl', Russia:

From Reykjavik, Iceland:

From Oslo, Norway:

From Cincinnati:

From Birmingham, UK:

From Toronto: