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Saturday, October 3, 2015

September Sounds Pt. 2

Ton of stuff this post but it catches us up on CNQ faves from September.

From a new Iron Boots LP comp collecting the Virginian hardcore punk band's complete discography, courtesy Grave Mistake Records and Triple B Records. Solid hc:

Debut album from hip-hop duo Mirage512 and Side Effect. Top notch "grown man rap":

Speaking of grown man rap, Big Pooh of Little Brother fame has a new album out with producer Nottz:

Australia's Simo Soo has a new ten track album out too. Glitch pop? Digital glam-rap? Noisy no-rave forever:

Lo-fi fun from Lexington, Kentucky. 17 track cassette available through Burger Records:

Two tracks from an unreleased split, courtesy Baltimore's SPHC records. Audacious noise punk, I love it:

Flowers of Evil has already gotten some real press courtesy Noisey; here's a track from their new LP put out by Canada's Deranged Records anyway. One of the guys in the band is from Crocodiles, and their garage-psych album "Boys" is one of the best listens of 2015, in my opinion.

Don't forget Austin's bad ass noise-enthusiasts Future Death have cassettes of their "Cryptids" EP still available:

Another cassette release, also with a female vocalist, from an Ohio 3-piece band:

Cool garage pop from Sweden, solo project of Nora Karlsson, recently signed to PNKSLM:

New track from Italian garage band The Meteopathics, off a tape split with Thee Loyal Wankers, courtesy German label Lo-fi Lo-life:

Speaking of Italians, here's some rad Italian powerviolence; with song titles like "Mullet For My Valentine," "Sperm Bank Robbery," and "Go Kart Kobain," I think they may be in a band just for the pun of it:

And to top things off, a quick blast of warp-core from Dallas: