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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Alt-Rock from Dublin and Sweden; Hip-Hop from Detroit; HC from California, and Still Not Sure There's A Difference Between Grindcore and Powerviolence...

Donald Trump sucks! That being said, let's get further caught up with email submissions and bandcamp updates:

Alt-rock from a Dublin based band that's been around for six years, but are now calling it quits. This is from their final album, called "Takes Forever."

Psych-pop Krautgaze from Sweden:

Detroit based resident producer for Mello Music Group:

California hardcore stalwarts BL'AST are back after a 20 year interim, with a 2 song EP and Dave Grohl on drums:

Rest of the set list tonight is grindcore and/or powerviolence. After a few years now of enjoying both, I still dunno the difference between them. This is from the UK:

A two song EP from Massachusetts:

Belgian political grindcore band Agathocles has been around for a while, apparently. This is from a full length album originally released in 2001, newly re-released by Poland's Self-Made God:

I tend to like just about everything Baltimore's SPHC puts out. Agathocles and California's Godstomper actually have a split together, from an '89 live show. I'm not sure when this song was originally released:

That brings us up into November for CNQ submissions and updates. More to come.