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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanxgibbin Mix

Still working my way thru email updates with this post.

First off, a new traditional Fangsgibblin' tune:

From a neat little collection of psych-pop songs put out by Chicago's Trouble in Mind Records:

I dig this bedroom pop From Minneapolis' Lawn Chair Records:

New weirdo stuff from Guiguisuisui, I think from New Zealand:

Incidental music from the score to a new independent movie called "Counting for Thunder." My dad turned me on to this guy from Shreveport. Per the bandcamp page, Futreal built some of the instruments used on this score, including the electric gourd, electric chromatic dulcimer, electric mountain dulcimer, and chromatic gourd dulcimer. The whole album is really cool listening:

Dan Deacon-esque tune from London, apparently this cat makes music on kid's toys and old synths:

The Bristles were a Swedish punk band in the 1980s who broke up in 1985, but got back together in 2008. This is from their latest album, released in late October:

Music video of Australian hardcore from do-no-wrong Lethal Dose Records: