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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Existenstial Fret

I listened to the first of the classic comp Wargasm yesterday. It's all these great early punk bands - Flux of Pink Indians, Dead Kennedys, Rat Scabies, Poison Girls, etc. For a punk album, the songs are all so different from each other. A lot of weird, cool shit going on back in '82. But there's a lot of weird, cool shit going on today, too. And all over the world. Check out these new bands, courtesy Bandcamp:

Tis the season for this hardcore Christmas jam from a New Jersey band:

From 2014, this is Puerto Rico's Madd Blake of CNQ fave Madd Blake y Los Stalins:

Both of these noisy bands are from Pennsylvania:

From Santa Cruz:

From Israel:

From British Columbia:

Heavy grindcore from Warsaw:

This new song from a Manchester band reminded me of that Wargasm comp. Punk you don't think of as being punk, until you hear it: