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Saturday, December 12, 2015

New Punk Vinyl from Bandcamp

From Without Kibou There Is Nothing Vol. 4. The last in the series of 'Without Kibou' 7" compilations, available on red vinyl (with red sleeve) and blue vinyl (with blue sleeve). I have the previous one and it's good, this one sounds great too. This band is called Pogo Assault:

This whole album from the band Coolies is some neat arty psych-punk. I really like it. They're from Auckland:

This is neat. A set of Three Jaime Hernandez "Boozewax" Singles...a limited edition 35th anniversary 7" singles courtesy LA's Frontier Records. The Adolescents 7" is on clear "gin" vinyl; the Weirdos 7" is on brown "bourbon" vinyl; the Christian Death 7" in on green "absinthe" vinyl. Classic remastered punk with sleeve and center label art by the amazing Jaime Hernandez. Only available as a set and sans the booze for $35, this is the Weirdos:

And this one's not on vinyl but off a new CD split, I just like it: