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Saturday, January 9, 2016

All New Vinyl Releases From Bandcamp

All of these tracks are on recently released vinyl you can order on Bandcamp. I should say more often but I think with the amount I post from it it's implied: Bandcamp is the best site on the Internet, if you love new music. Usually I focus on the punk releases but for 2016 I want to branch out a little, ya know?

From a British label called Muj, I assume Matt Love is British as well. This hip-hop was put up on Bandcamp yesterday and you can order a 7" featuring this song and the instrumental from the page:

Twee-Soul from Salt Lake City:

In the same vein, from Portugal:

Melodic indie pop from Philly:

You can pre-order this two song flexi from Euro-label Slimer Records. Psychomagic is from LA and the laid-back, cool-ass instrumental second track is from Italy:

Finally, this December release from Barcelona's Nueva Fuerza isn't available on vinyl but it's cool hardcore's the whole EP, clocks in around 10 minutes or under: