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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Weirdo Lo-Fi from Sweden and Japan, Garage-Psych from France, No-Wave from Brisbane, Argentinian Hardcore Punk, Jangle-Pop from D.C., and All Kinds of Punk from All Over Creation.

While waiting for Total War: SHOGUN 2 to dl on Steam (currently on sale for $12.49 and supposedly the pinnacle of the Total War games), I thought I'd finish up on December releases from bands and label I follow. These monthly updates might be getting a little repetitive, with a rotation of the same bands and labels every update. I'm working on that. Meanwhile, here's more of what you've come to expect from a standard CNQ update.

This awesome oddball lo-fi pop is the new solo project of Martin Månsson Sjöstrand, frontman of Sweden’s Dog, Paper, Submarine. Comes courtesy of perennial CNQ favorite Manx label Small Bear Records:

More weirdo lo-fi, this from Japan. I've featured Boys Age a lot in 2015. Cool, weird stuff:

No-wave from Brisbane's Moontown Records. I'm not sure where the band Bent is from though:

Glasgow freak-out:

Garage-psych from France:

More garage-psych by Boys, off a PNKSLM 2015 End of the Year Sampler:

Great jangle with a new video from Washington DC's Dot Dash:

Feminist punk from Olympia:

And more, this from a Bridge Nine 2015 compilation. War on Women are from Baltimore and I'll mention again, are a great live show:

New power pop from from Sweden. This sounds like it's from 1983 but I think it is new:

From Fort Wayne, Indiana:

Found this Argentinian crusty hardcore courtesy France's Crapoulet Records. This was released back in October:

Finally, this is from Puerto Rico's Krampus Records, who brought us one of my fave new bands of 2015, Madd Blake and the Stalins.