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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Catching Up On December Releases: Hardcore Punk, Powerviolence, Peruvian Psych, and a 60s Soul Re-Issue

This covers the first 10 or so days of the best December releases from Bandcamp artists and labels I follow. Let's start with an excellent new 60s soul/funk 7" re-issue from Germany's Tramp Records. Sid Wallace was from St. Louis:

NYC HC from Toxic State records. The Grave Mistake Records update calls this self titled 5-song 7" "essential." Check it out:

California HC. Whole 11 song album is killer, but here's just one track:

The UK's Mind Ripper Collective has this split between powerviolence acts Endless Swarm (from Edinburgh) and Dallas' Pavel Chekov available as pay what thou wilt. Here's the whole dang thing, clocks in maybe even a little under 10 minutes:

More groovy Peruvian neo-psych from Kanaku Y El Tigre and Tiger's Milk Records: