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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Strange Brew

First up, Jay and the gang over at Dynamite Hemorrhage have posted their first show of 2016. An hour's worth of quality weirdo and underground punk rock radio over there.

I found this courtesy of Nashville's Nervous Nelly Records facebook feed. Long Gone is from Boston, and it's Shannon from Nervous Nelly and folks from two bands called Curmudgeon and Disipline. It's alt-rock with a bit of a twang to it, Silver Jews-esque:

The label Song, By Toad put out my favorite comp of 2015, David Cameron's Eton Mess. Plastic Animals is from Edinburgh and Song, By Toad will be releasing their new album Pictures From the Blackout in February. Cool alt/krautgaze:

Here's the aforementioned Curmudgeon. Hardcore from all the way back in 2013:

And here's Disipline, queer BDSM punk! This is from a split cassette with a band called Stranger, released this past April. Totally rockin':

Here's a song off the Strangers side of that cassette. All of these bands are from Boston:

Also from Boston, hep R&B from Kenya born, Uganda, Canada and Boston raised Pastel:

Off Total Punk Records, the band is from New Orleans:

Horsebastard is from Liverpool. This is the video for a new song from a December released split with Madrid's Rageous Intent:

Always a pleasure to hear new hip-hop from Austin's Mirage512:

Finally, some more rad weirdness from outsider artiste Howard Blake: