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Monday, February 29, 2016

Checking Out My Soundcloud Feed

New Quieteer Kale and his band Doctor Nod got a super positive shout-out on Dynamite Hemorrhage this weekend, which is one of our fave podcasts, and we couldn't be more excited. Check out the full show here when you get a chance:

Kale and I have been blowing up each other's phones with ideas for CNQ here lately, it's been a lot of fun. He recommended I get more into Soundcloud, which I neglect in favor of Bandcamp for various reasons. But, I think he may be right -- there's cool sound to be heard on Soundcloud as well. So here's some new stuff from my neglected Soundcloud feed.

I've been grooving to the damaged pop sound of Japan's Boys Age for a while now. Boys Age has a new 13 song album called Pangea available for free download (on Bandcamp, btw), but here's a song from that album from Soundcloud anyway:

Cool as always hip-hop from Mello Music Group and Apollo Brown:

From Now-Again Records, jazz/spoken word from either 1975, or 1980. World's Experience Orchestra only had two albums, one put out in '75 and the other put out in '80, and I'm not sure which one this was on. It's hep regardless:

African music from 1999, I guess, courtesy World Circuit Records:

Most anything from Burger Records is an easy share. Turns out they post a lot on Soundcloud and for some reason don't have much of a presence at all on Bandcamp:

Burger also has a podcast they're putting out on Soundcloud, which is cool. I haven't listened to all of this yet but I'm putting it here to do so:

From Total Punk Records:

And finally, courtesy Relapse Records, this was originally released in 1998, and then re-issued in 2008. I dunno why it's new on Soundcloud, but it's pretty rad: