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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

File Under: Better Late Than Never

Here's a best-of-January collection of EPs and one full length from labels and bands I follow on Bandcamp.

Sauna Youth's song Transmitters, off their 2015 album Distractions, was one of my favorite songs from last year. These two songs are off a new 7" you can purchase from Upset the Rhythm. The A-Side, The Bridge, is from Distractions but the B-side, Blurry Images, is new to me:

This is neat, from Atlanta's Chunklet Industries, a four song 7" from various artists, "one of a small stack of random copies left over from the pressing," with only 5 left at this writing, per their Bandcamp page. The Black Lips, Baby Shakes, Gentlemen Jesse and His Men, and Coffin Bound. From 2009:

From Minneapolis, this is the first song off a new 5 song cassette put out by Lawn Chair Records:

21 song comp from Portland's Resurrection Records:

Fun French punk from French DIY punk label No Glory Records:

And that's my best of Bandcamp updates from January. I know it's March. What do you want from me?