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Sunday, March 13, 2016

CNQ Podcast Episode #6

I forgot to post the latest episode of the CNQ Podcast when it went live last Thursday, so here it is, just in case you missed it. 30 minute episode, here's the tracklist:

Gil Mack and the Sandpipers (Vox), Jimmy Carroll and Orchestra: Ruff and Reddy (1959)
Krankjoram: “They Treat Me Like I’m Still 16” (2015)
Quod Massacre: “Quod Massacre” (1986)
Seres: “masmasmasmasmasmasmasMASIVO” (2015)
thin skin: “Mr. C” (2015)
Gar Gar: “Meximelt666” (2016)
Shivering Timbers: “Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down” (2012)
Kuken: “Pretty Dull” (2015)
Threat.Meet.Protocol.: “Forget Her” (2016)
Wolf Luv: “Water World” (2016)
Garry Miles (Buzz Cason): “Look For A Star” (1960)