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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

35 Denton Festival: Sunday

If you're still in town Sunday afternoon for 35 Denton, you might want to check out Drone Church, an afternoon showcase featuring different experimental electronic musicians, at Sprockets Bike Shop. Might be interesting. Meanwhile, here's the last of the Fest's bands that worth checking out:

Male hip-hop from Denton:

Female hip-hop from Dallas:

LA's Son of Stan is cool:

Rock'n'Roll from Philly:

Rock'n'roll from Denton:

Garage rock from Louisville, Kentucky:

Rock en Español from California:

Indie rock from New York:

Nervous Curtains are a post-punk band from Dallas and I've featured them on the blog before:

Post-punk, also from New York:

Post-punk from Cophenhagen:

Jazzy singer-songwriter stuff from Denton. This is from 2012:

Country-rock from Texas -- everything I've heard from Ratley so far I've enjoyed:

Shoegaze/dream pop all the way from Israel:

Garage psych from Norman, Oklahoma:

Here's something different from Denton, experimental, instrumental, kind of like score music for a film:

Anyway, so, there's a lot more bands playing. Some bands I couldn't find online and others I wasn't as into as the ones above. Biz Markie's playing at 8:30. Denton's a fine town. Have fun, and don't litter!