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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

35 Denton Festival 2016: Saturday

Some bands and such you might want to check out on Saturday, if you're up there:

Folk rock from Akron:

Rock'n'roll from Denton:

Fun punk...from Monaco!?!

Post-punk from Houston:

This is an old video/song and the sound is pretty low, but Cornhole should be cool to catch. Their album "Hornswoggled" is on Google Play Music so probably on Spotify too; worth checking out:

From Monroe, Louisiana, one man band who, according to the bandcamp page, wears an alligator mask and plays with three inanimate objects. Here's a song he wrote about Slayer's Jeff Hanneman:

Shoegazey alt from Brooklyn:

Pretty tune from Argentina:

Singer song-writer rocker from Denton:

Relaxed indie pop from Denton:

Grungey rock'n'roll from Beaumont, Texas:

Bluesy alt-rock from Fort Lauderdale:

More rock'n'roll, this from New York:

Indie rock from Dallas:

This is what's up -- KBD-esque punk from Denton:

I'm into this electro-punk from California:

Finally, soul from Brooklyn:

Whew! That's not near all the bands playing on Saturday, just the ones that appealed to me.