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Monday, March 7, 2016

35 Denton Festival 2016: Friday Evening

Denton 35 is focusing more on local music this year, with a lot of bands playing around the square (that's the downtown area to you and me) of that Texas college town this Friday-Sunday. Here's some bands you might check out Friday night.

Pearl Earl plays fuzzy garage psych, they're from Denton:

Tacocat from Seattle you know about already, assuming you're hep. They've got a new album due out in April, here's a couple of tracks from it:

Experimental punk from Denton:

Odd indie-pop from Denton:

I'm excited to finally get to see Dallas' synth-punkers, seres, who sing in Spanish:

Singer-songwriter duo from Denton:

Alt-Country from Denton:

More Americana/singer-songwriter stuff, from Dallas:

Rock duo from Denton:

More rock, also from Denton: