Sunday, June 25, 2017


An hour's worth of new punk and rock'n'roll, 60s country, 80s vinyl obscurities and teen pop, 70s latin soul, me popping "p's," and more. CNQ secrets: listen close and you can hear the dryer and SVU in the background. Listen here or stream/download on iTunes, mixcloud, or any fine podcast app.

C.A.P.: ”Making America Hate Again” (Making America Hate Again, 2017)
Dead Cross: “Grave Slave” (Dead Cross, Ipecac Recordings, out August 4, 2017)  
Homer Henderson and the Dalworthington Garden Boys: “Lee Harvey Was A Friend of Mine” (Lee Harvey Was A Friend Of Mine / Hawaiian Ungawa 7”, Mule Nose, 1985)
Jim and Louise: “Johnson’s Old Grey Mule” (Big “D” Jamboree, Live Direct from the Stage of Ed McLemore’s Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas, Starday Records, 1963)
Buck Owens: “Wham Bam” (I’ve Got a Tiger By The Tail, Capitol Records, 1965)
Linda Voss: “Gentle Rain” (Kevin Kosub/Linda Voss 7” split, Kevin Kat Records, 1984)
Kevin Kosub: “My Baby Is The National Guard” (Kevin Kosub/Linda Voss 7” split, Kevin Kat Records, 1984)
Leo Keling: “Atomic War” (Atomic War 7”, Austown Records, 1980)
Sexual Jeremy: “I Don’t Want To Wake Up” (Chuck Weekend, 2017)
Vault Dweller: “Forced Evolutionary Virus” (Fucked Up Lizard People, 2016)
Judiciary: “March of the Abuser” (The Axis of Equality, 2017)
The Mad Doctors: “Justin’s A Cop” (No Waves, Just Sharks, King Pizza Records, 2017)
Orations: “Death And Co.” (Wych Elm, Custom Made Music, 2017)
Couleur Dessin: “Calendar Nights” (Couleur Dessin, Fixture Records, out June, 2017)
Freak Genes: “Still Disgusting” (Playtime LP, Alien Snatch!, 2017)
The Bordellos: “Fading Honey” (Debt Sounds, 2017)
Shux: “I Don’t Wanna Indoor Toilet” (Horrendous New Wave, Fish Records, 2017)
Teen Dream: “Let’s Get Busy (Boy Crazy Mix),” (Let’s Get Busy, Warner Bros., 1987)
The Chakachas: “Cha-Ka-Cha” (Jungle Feature/Cha-Ka-Cha 7”, Polydor, 1971)
Perucho Navarro: “La Nueva Cumbia Bonita” (El Combo Gigante - Que Bueno Se Baila Con..., Discomoda, 1960s?)