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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mixcloud Faves

I'm hoping to get CNQ32, the latest podcast episode version thing of my little blog here, out this weekend. I sed the same thing around this time last month, but hey, Fallout 4 happens.

In the meantime you should get on Mixcloud and listen to and follow these great shows:

The KUAF Vinyl Hour: Based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, the KUAF Vinyl Hour is a weekly music program, featuring your hosts Pete and Leigh, playing and discussing musical selections from various local co-hosts' record collections. From metal to classical, reggae to country - it's all kinds of music, but it's all on vinyl.

Quite Trill Radio: The trillest hip-hop show, put out by Texas rapper Mirage, formerly based out of Austin but now out of Dallas. Consistently one of the best podcasts I listen to.

Futures and Pasts Radio: Post-punk radio show with Erika Elizabeth, live every Thursday night from 8-10pm PST at 90.3FM in N/NE Portland, or worldwide at

Dynamite Hemorrhage: I've gushed about Dynamite Hemorrhage enough loyal CNQ'ers are sick of hearing about it, but just in case -- based out of San Francisco, Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio is a semi-regular faux radio show/podcast devoted to sub-underground and raw music from the last ten decades. Learn more at

Funky 16 Corners Radio Show: Out of New Jersey, the main man Larry Grogan's weekly look into the sounds and stories of vintage funk, soul, jazz and rare groove, all on original vinyl.

Grogan also puts out the Iron Leg Radio Show, featuring lots of groovy 60s obscura. You can find it on Itunes but it's not on Mixcloud, I guess.

Tabs Out Cassette Podcast, based out of Wilmington, Delaware, a cassette podcast focusing on noise and experimental sounds. If you're not down for the weirdo sounds they play, then you should at least stick around for their banter, these guys are super-funny.