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Saturday, March 3, 2018


About an hour's worth of new tunes from Bandcamp and vinyl rarities.

Filthy: “Fault in Tolerance” (Fault In Tolerance, 2018)
Special Interest: “Young, Gifted, Black, In Leather” (Spiraling, 2018)
Phil Gordon: “Get A Load of That Crazy Walk” (Strip Polka/Get A Load of That Crazy Walk 7”, 1950s)
Agustin Lara y su Orquesta: “Aquel Amor” (Vuelve El Maestro..., RCA Victor, 1963)
Teenage Cool Kids: “Denton After Sunset” (Denton After Sunset, Dull Tools, 2015 re-issue, originally released in 2011)
Scrambled Limbs: “The Witch on Hyde Park Ridge” (Portmanteau, 2018)
The Creachies: “Not Never And” (The Creachies, 2017)
Brightside: “Is This Real Life?” (Two Songs, 2018)
Phil Reynolds and the Big Day Out: “When It Hits” (When It Hits, Small Bear Records 2018)
Electric Sheep: “Headscrew” (Headscrew/For Lilith, Custom Made Music, 2016)
TV Slime: “No One” (Slime Demon, 2018)
Marrah: “I Love Satan!” (Singkat, Padat, Gak Ada Isinya!, 2018)
Doctor Nod: “My TV Set” (DYWTBIMF? b/w My TV Set, 2018)
Twilight Fields: “When I Saw You” (Our Time Is Now, 2018)
J.T. Money: “Superbitch Remix (Dirty Version)” (Superbitch Remix 12”, Priority Records, 2001)
Birchwood Pops Orchestra: “Theme From Police Woman” (TV Hits Vol. II, Pickwick International, 1977)
Cabbage Patch Kids: “Cabbage Patch Dreams” (Cabbage Patch Dreams, Parker Brothers Music, 1984)