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Friday, March 9, 2018


40 minutes worth of new tunes from bands featured previously on the show. Listen above, or on iTunes, or any podcast app. Go support the bands and labels. 

x=: “(In)Dignity of Work” (Symbols, 2018)
Special Interest: “Service” (Spiraling, 2018)
Marrah: “Pingpong Punerssss” (Singkat, Padat, Gak Ada Isinya!, 2018)
TV Slime: “Marbled” (Slime Demon, 2018)
Filthy: “Cure It” (Cure it EP, 2016)
Scrambled Limbs: “Ticture” (Portmanteau, 2018)
The Creachies: “No It Couldn’t Be” (The Creachies, 2017)
Violence Creeps: “Backhand” (Ease The Seed Bag, 2017)
Math Patrol feat. The Spiders of Mirkwood: “Always Crush Me” (The PRF Monthly Tribute Series: June 2017: Guided By Voices, 2017)
Mommy Long Legs: “Diva Night” ( (Rock Product, Youth Riot Records, 2017)
USA Nails: “Shite At The Palladium” ( (N/A 14-17, 2017)
Dead Arms: “Stage Towels” (4 Track Masters EP, 2017)
The Bordellos: “Billy Fury” ((Life, Love, and Billy Fury, Recordiau Prin, 2017)
Pussy Galore: “Walk”u (Pussy Galore 5000, Buy Or Records/Shove Records, 1987)