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Saturday, March 10, 2018

New from Bandcamp: Assorted Rock'n'Roll from Copenhagen, Austin, Melbourne, Salem, Milwaukee, Los Angeles...and Some Place or Places in Florida.

Nothing is cooler than Jævndøgn, from Copenhagen. Their 2016 release Punkkoncert is one of my fave things ever. This is their new killer 4 song EP:

Indie-prog from Austin. This is from a 17 song digital album released last year:

From Melbourne, released late in February, 8 tracks of bitchin' lo-fi disco-punk:

Hardcore from Salem, Massachusetts. 4 song EP:

When I first started the blog, I was just learning about powerviolence and the more modern version of hardcore punk that careens into extreme metal. I got deep into those genres for a while, then moved on to other stuff as I do, but I still appreciate the sound. This band from Milwaukee has tagged themselves as hardcore punk on their Bandcamp page, but it's more metal than hardcore punk, which to me is more like what Similar Items in the previous embed sounds like. Anyway, this is solid. 8 short, heavy songs, a little sludge, a little powerviolence:

Check out this wild four song no-wave freak-punk, put out on cassette by Florida's Invisible Audio, who also put out Jackal's excellent 2017 Demo tape -- I ordered the last one of those they had, and have never looked back.

Here's that Jackal I was telling you about:

Psych-punk from LA. 5 song digital effort. Beefheartian, I dig it: