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Monday, March 26, 2018

New Punk from Ontario, Indie from New Jersey, Alt-Pop from Melbourne and Denton, TX, Hip-Hop from Brooklyn, Experimental from Buenos Aires, and Folk from Portland.

Gearing up for an April podcast, I thought instead of just browsing the punk new arrivals on bandcamp, I'd branch out and look at other genres -- at least the first page of each genre's new arrivals.

But let's start with this wild stuff from Hamilton, Ontario. 6 songs, the band's first and only release on bandcamp near as I can tell, so noisey and off-the-wall. I wish I were making a racket like this. My wife listened to the first song and called it "unpleasant" and "impenetrable" and that may be the high praise this team is going for. Also she's a Drew Thomson freak and notes that Thomson is also from Hamilton.

I didn't find anything I liked on the electronic new arrivals first page.

On the first page of the rock genre new arrivals, I found this melodic 10 song album from a 5 piece operating out of a basement in suburban New Jersey. Highly enjoyable. I assume they're influenced by post-Pavement Malkmus and late 90s/early oughts emo and indie. If I'm correct that these guys were just been being born around that time, I guess it's like somebody being born in 1976 doing an album that sounds like Silk Degrees in 1994 (If that band/album actually exists, please let me know -- would listen). Anyway, this is good stuff, my wife heard a few songs and was into it as well. You can get it for pay what thou wilt:

Nothing on the first page of the metal new arrivals particularly grabbed me.

From the first page of the alternative new arrivals, I found this truly hip alt-pop from a two-to-three piece Melbourne band. 10 songs, with 2 currently available for listening. You can pre-order the dl for $9 and the album will be on vinyl as well. Check out that sax on "Mirror Freak."

From the first page of the hip-hop new arrivals, here's a great single from Jason Minnis, AKA ClassicBeatz, a Brooklyn producer, pianist, and songwriter. An anti-gentrification song, my reference points for this are Black Star, and Madlib, but I'm not as versed in hip-hop as I should be. It's a cool track and currently the only song available on the album, Spaces In Noir. It's a 10 song album that you can pre-order for $9, and ClassicBeatz' entire discography is available for just $20:

From the first page of the experimental new arrivals, this is a weird, interesting track from Buenos Aries, the first song off of a 7 song pay what thou wilt digital album:

From the first page of the folk new arrivals comes this champion 13 song folk album from Portland's Waldo Przekop, AKA Cigarettes and Milk. Some personal stuff, I'm into it. Pay what thou wilt:

On the first page of the pop new arrivals, I found this weird shit, from Denton, Texas. Recorded and mixed by Rick Eye, based on that I think maybe this two-piece is part Ashley from Thin Skin, but I could be wrong. Anyway, 11 awesome weirdo tracks, absolutely and entirely not pop, and because they tagged it only as "pop" and "Denton," I never woulda found if I hadn't decided to branch out tonight.

Which proves what I've always said about limiting yourself to one type of music: doing so makes you an asshole.

There's other genres that I didn't get to but it's 10:30PM and I gotta eat and go to bed.