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Saturday, April 28, 2018


80 minutes of new rock'n'roll. 

Doctor Nod: “Angel of Death” (Sing Song EP, 2018)
Racoo: “Clean Air” (Airport Hospital, Metal Postcard Records, 2018)
Dreamherbs: “Break Your Jaw” (Break Your Jaw Single, Metal Postcard Records, 2018)
Def!cit: “Short Stay” (Short Stay Single, Metal Postcard Records, 2018)
The Kumari: “The Kumari” (The Kumari, Metal Postcard Records, 2018)
The Bordellos: “Las Vegas Basement” (Spinning Like Julian Cope EP, Metal Postcard Records, 2018)
Never Heard of Zeppelin: “Popular Demand” (Never Heard of Zeppelin: Is In Business EP, Metal Postcard Records, 2013)
The Cambodian Space Project: “If You Wish To Love Me” (Whiskey Cambodia, Metal Postcard Records, 2014)
Candy and the Suckers: “3D Printer” (Candy Vs. Roseman, 2018)
Thin Skin: “Scumbag” (Modern Moms From Hell EP, 2017)
Krimewatch: “小便 たれ” (Krimewatch, 2018)
Jævndøgn: “Du siger jeg er Uheldig men jeg Lever” (Døgndrift, Sock Pop, 2018)
Eveliina Pink: “Pale Skin” (Eveliina Pink & the Golden Pinguinos, Jangle Nest, 2018)
Black Light White Light: “King Kong” (Horizons, Custom Made Music, 2018)
Fuzzsucker: “Get To You” (Attention Disco Disorder, 2018)
Simo Soo: “Breathe/Run” (Everything Is Going To Be Okay, Yes Rave, 2018)
Yoo Doo Right: “Whilst You Save Your Skins” (E.P.1 and 2, Custom Made Music, 2017)
Nanaki: “Dog Policy” (Decline and Dislocation, Small Bear Records, 2018)
BIB: “Hypnotized” (MOSHPIT, Pop Wig Records, 2017)
Windham/Herbeck/DeMolay: “Console Cowboys/Chiba City Comsat (POP MIX)” (Digital Single, 2018)
Anthony Friedlander: “Night” (Digital Single, 2018)
De La Soul: “Squat! (feat. Mike D & Ad Rock)” (Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump, Tommy Boy, 2000)