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Sunday, May 27, 2018


About an hour's worth of new music and vinyl obscurities.

Bo Gritz: “Boiler” (Tape EP, Sad Tapes, 2018)
The Bubbles: “Rough Expressionist” (On The Planet 7”, Pogo 77 Records, 2002)
The Crested: “Think About Oi!” (Intoxicate EP, Pogo 77 Records, 1997)
The End: “Dasvidanya” (7 Day Servant/Dasvidanya 7”, Pool Records, 1985)
The Janitors: “Track Eating Baby” (Just A Mish Mash, In Tape, 1987; song originally from Thunderhead, In Tape, 1986)
Hot Mom: “Lick The Blood Up” (Rollerskate Twink, 2018)
B.R.U.C.E.: “Succubus” (Stay Pissed, 2018)
Mommy Long Legs: “Bridezilla” (Try Your Best, Youth Riot Records, 2018)
VKTMS: “Midget” (Bloodstains Across California, Bloodstains, 1993, originally released on Midget EP, Emergency Room Records, 1979)
Candy and the Suckers: “Starboy” (Starboy Digital Single, 2018)
Future Talk: “Maximum Headroom” (Modern Vintage, 2018)
The Grumpies: “Kiss Me Deadly” (Five Year Plan/Grumpies 7” split, Recess Records, 1998)
Sophia Marshall: “I Go To Sleep” (Pretenders Covers, 2018)
Sophia Marshall: “Tender” (Blur - Song 3, 2018)
The Private Mind of the Moviegoer: “Heart of Wheels” (Heart of Wheels, 2018)
Josh White: “Like A Natural Man” (A Josh White Program, London Records, 1954)
Chad and Jeremy: “September In The Rain” (Hit Songs For Back To Cool, Capitol, 1966,
originally released on More Chad & Jeremy, Capitol, 1966)
The Surfmen: “Fire Goddess” (Stereo Dynamics To Scare Hell Out of Your Neighbors!, Somerset, 1959)
The Living Guitars: “Do The Clam” (Teen Beat Discotheque, RCA Camden, 1965)
Willie Humphrey: “Big Lunch Blues” (New Orleans Clarinet, Smokey Mary Phonograph Company, 1974)
Racoo: “Airport Hospital” (Airport Hospital, Metal Postcard Records, 2018)