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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


In my rush to crank out this hour show and get to bed, I forgot to talk about the
excellent Bo Gritz and Private Mind of the Moviegoer releases. Apologies to
each for the oversight!

Feverbones: “Sleepwalking” (Dream Talk, ATH Records, 2018)
Candy and the Suckers: “Secret Librarian” (Candy Vs. Roseman, 2018)
Thin Skin: “Milksteak” (Modern Moms From Hell EP, 2017)
Palberta: “Jaws” (Bye Bye Berta, Wharf Cat Records / Ramp Tape, 2017)
Flesh Narc: “Diatribe” (Pillow Talk, Heavy Baby Records, 2018)
Threat.Meet.Protocol: “He Saw His Shadow” (Where Did You Put My Marbles, Muzai Records, 2018)
No Doz: “Mothballs” (No Doz, 2018)
Full Gay: “Nothing Compares 2 Cramps” (Live From The Practice Space, 2018)
The Bordellos: “Happy Birthday” (Bordellos Underground Tape Vol. 12, 2018)
The Private Mind of the Moviegoer: “Feels Fine” (Heart of Wheels, 2018)
Bo Gritz: “Always Fine” (Tape EP, Sad Tapes, 2018)
Pink Mexico: “Buzz Kill” (Fool, Big Tomato Records, 2016)
Future Talk: “Time 2 Kill” (Modern Vintage, 2018)
Jævndøgn: “Alien Abduction” (Døgndrift, Sock Pop, 2018)
Middle Relief: “Pizza Roles” (Gap Year, 2018)
Simo Soo: “Ey Das Me” (Everything Is Going To Be Okay, Yes Rave, 2018)
Racoo: “Party Song” (Airport Hospital, Metal Postcard Records, 2018)
X=: “Bring Back Boredom” (Symbols, 2018)
Special Interest: “Fluid (Bound 2)” (Spiraling, 2018)
Filthy: “Evil” (Fault In Tolerance, 2018)