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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Dispatch from the Neo-Gilded Age

I've got the songs I wanna put on the next podcast lined up, just haven't pulled the trigger because I've been in vidja game mode. Put down Pillars of Eternity and have logged some serious hours over the past couple of weeks on Conan Exiles. Keep getting my ass kicked and having to start over from scratch. Super-fun game but very frustrating. Downloaded the Rise and Fall expansion for Civ VI, but wasn't impressed with it at all.

Last weekend I did deep cleaning on a lot of my classic rock records, replaced the paper sleeves and gave them new outer plastic sleeves. I got an autographed Johnny Otis album!

Been rocking The House of Love's second self-titled album (they have three self-titled albums, apparently) on my streaming service. Never got into 'em until recently, but certainly in my wheelhouse of what I enjoy:

Listened to R.E.M.'s Document tonite. A political album that rings as true now as when it was released in 1987.

Oh, a couple of weeks ago saw The Jesus Lizard in Austin. One of the finest shows I've ever attended:

Watched most of Batman: Bad Blood cartoon on Netflix today. Cool stuff.

Bought some new canvases and painted something to get out my feelings on the fucked up appointment of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. That is some illegitimate bullshit. My painting is a little extreme and I'm not ready to share it.

The Gilded Age only lasted about thirty years.

Hopefully I'll feel like crankin' out a show tomorrow.

You ever seen Blood Freak? That's what we're watchin' right now.