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Wednesday, October 3, 2018


I've been playing the fudge outta Conan Exiles on Steam the past several days. That's a great game.

Soon enough I'm going to put some of my cruddy paintings up on Etsy. Here's the most recent one I did, "Terrorist."

Tonight we listened to all but one side of Todd Rundgren's Something/Anything? and it's as awesome as ever. The side we didn't listen to was the first side of the second disc. It's got a lot of excellent songs on it:

I got my Chronic Anxiety cassette in the mail the other day. 11 lo-fi lady-fronted noise punk tracks. A must have:

I think it's great Bandcamp is helping people register to vote. Voting is super-important. The system is rigged, but a large portion of that rig is only to make you not vote. If you can get past that rigged part and get your vote in, you may be able to help shit not be so fucked up. If you're able to vote but don't, you're only enabling the fucked-up shit that is going on.

I'm 42 years old, and while I'm a dummy in more than few regards, I'm not a complete moron. So that's fucking wisdom. Get registered. Fucking vote in the mid-terms. If you're young, there's a lot of you, and you can make a difference if you're interested in freedom, equality, and the opposite of future dystopia.

Register To Vote.

I'm keeping my hopes grounded for a blue wave. At best we may end up with a stalemate between progressives and regressives. At worst, elections are suspended and The Purge is approved by the Supreme Court.

Good four song garage EP from Spain:

From Orlando, weirdo electro-punk, absolutely: