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Sunday, September 16, 2018

R.I.P. Big Jay McNeely; plus New Music Videos from Dot Dash (DC), White Petals (Lynchburg), and Trauma Harness (St. Louis)

Tenor saxophonist and rock'n'roll forerunner Big Jay McNeely passed away today in Watts, from cancer. He was 91. Here's the LA Weekly's obit for the man. CNQ sends condolences to McNeely's friends and family. From the 80s, here's live video of McNeely playing his 1953 blast of a song, "3-D," with Detroit Gary Wiggins:

I need to get started on a new podcast. Next one should have lots of new acquisitions from the much hallowed CNQ vinyl vault, but in the meantime, how about some new videos?

DC's Dot Dash has a new full length, "Proto Retro," it's fresh sounding jangle pop, their first since 2016 and sixth album total. You can get the CD from Ottowa's The Beautiful Music. Here's the new video for the uber-catchy single, Unfair Weather, which has been stuck in my head for a few weeks. They're giving away the single for free on bandcamp, so grip that here.

Next up, from Lynchburg, Virginia, new to me is White Petals. Here's a video from a three song EP coming out next month. The artist says the EP will be about his struggle with dissociation and cyclical bouts of anxiety. I can relate. A little nu-gazey, slightly ambient/electro, gloomy bedroom pop. I like his vox and this is a neat looking video:

From St. Louis, out on Lumpy Records, a fun video and cool synth-pop:

I'll start working on that new show...maybe first I'll play some Pillars of Eternity. Hashtag priorities.