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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Me, Me, Me: Some Things I'm Into

If I did a blog post on what I am up to other than new music from Bandcamp, I'd have a lot more content. Like for instance, I make memes of petulant child-presidents:

And I paint:

And I have my own little shitty recording project:

...and I play games on Steam (currently caught up in Pillars of Eternity), and watch movies and some TV (mostly Frasier re-runs over and over again but I did finish Altered Carbon and recently started Xena the Princess Warrior) and read books and comics. I saw the new The Predator Movie. CNQ Broseph-in-Chief Gary Dowell sums up my feelings on it on his long-running movie blog, Though the review does not mention my feelings for Olivia Munn, which are strong. She's great in the movie, holding her own with the strongest of the male leads (Thomas Jane, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, in that order, IMO), and also I love her. Is that weird.
Augusto Aguilera was good too as one of the crazy vets fighting the Predator. The movie was funny and gory but the third act dragged.

I just bought a copy of Fear, the Woodward book, and enjoying it so far. Surprise, the Prez is a piece of shit.

I really like Bandcamp, I think that's obvious. Like, CNQ wouldn't be the same blog without Bandcamp. And over the years the music site has evolved to have some taste-makery type stuff to click on their home page, so it sometimes makes me wonder, what am I for? But when the splash on their homepage is something about Cosmic Black Metal, I'm pretty sure I still serve a purpose, even if I don't post about my other interests.