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Monday, September 3, 2018


A little over an hour's worth of tunes.

Arse: “NRVSNRG” (Primitive Species, 2017)
Freddie Gibbs: “2 Legit” (Freddie, Empire, 2018)
Freak Genes: “Give Way” (Qwak Qwak LP, Drunken Sailor Records, 2018)
Candy and the Suckers: “In The Woods” (2018)
Mirror Box: “Minimal Compliance” (Minimal Compliance EP, Texas Recordings Underground, 2018)
Anthony Friedlander: “Summer Flounder” (Parallelement (Fog), 2017)
Bauhaus: “A God In An Alcove” (In The Flat Field, 4AD, 1980)
Vukovar: “The Destroying Place” (Infinitum, 2018)
Corrections: “Glitter” (Birdsong, Custom Made Music, 2018)
Witch Watch: “Seconds (Single Version)” (Seconds (Single) EP, Custom Made Music, 2018)
Dot Dash: “Unfair Weather” (Proto Retro, The Beautiful Music, 2018)
The Soft Boys: “Leppo and the Jooves” (A Can of Bees, Two Crabs Universal, 1979)
Brian Bordello: “Eddie Cochran” (Eddie Cochran, Metal Postcard, 2018)
Doctor Nod: “Dew Drop Priestess” (Dew Drop Priestess/Call My Name, 2018)
Joe Division: “Lemurs of Men” (PRF Monthly Tribute Series - April 2018: Joy Division, 2018)
Paraquat: “Now I’m Freaking Out” (PRF Monthly Tribute Series - July 2018: Ween, 2018)
Mommy Long Legs: “Dick Move” (Try Your Best, Youth Riot Records, 2018)
The Verlaines: “This Valentine” (Way Out Where, Slash, 1993)
Guided By Voices: “Hudson Rake” (Space Gun, Guided By Voices Inc., 2018)
MC5: “Sister Anne” (High Time, Atlantic, 1972)