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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Three New Songs From Bandcamp

When I do a New on Bandcamp post, I'm guilty of going to recent releases on the Bandcamp page and not checking up on the e-mail updates I get of the bands I have followed. So let's check out some new releases of the bands I've clicked "Follow" on.

Heck yeh. From Salford, UK, which is in North West England, this was released back in March 2017, but vinyl and CD copies of the 5 song album are still available:

DuPage County Hardcore "was created to preserve and make available the wealth of punk-, metal- and hip-hop related music released in suburban Chicago in the '80s, '90s and early '00s." You can get the entire discography for $20, which is a ton of music for on the cheap. Here's a cool track:

Interesting electro-prog from Chris King of This Will Destroy You (whom I've heard of) and Sam Chown (who I have not heard of).

As far as Christian allegory goes, Jesus and Lucifer are the best, but keep it in mind it's only allegory. That shit ain't real.