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Sunday, August 12, 2018

New From Bandcamp: Electro-Brut from Texas; a Spooky Track from Chicago; and a Comp of Professional Women Whistlers from the early 20th Century

A couple of weeks ago I'd started an essay on PC culture and punk rock, but never got around to finishing it. The point of that essay was, if you think PC culture is infringing on your punk rock good time, you're probably just being a dick and don't realize it. Then this past Friday I started work on a Bauhaus retrospective, which I also didn't complete. Such is life, ya know. Maybe I'll finish those at a later date -- maybe I won't. If I do, you'll be the first to know! (Assuming you follow the blog.)

Love that Freddie Gibbs album "Freddie."

I should have a new show out this weekend -- it'll feature Freak Genes, because their new album Qwak Qwak is great stuff, and we got our record vault semi-organizized, so there should be some fun vinyl obscurities on the show, plus a lot of stuff familiar to loyal CNQers, as CNQ faves The Bordellos, Doctor Nod, Violence Creeps, Simo Soo, Custom Made Music, and Candy and the Suckers have all released new material since the last time I did a show.

The Candy and the Suckers track is awesome -- it's def what I'm trying to do with the electro-brut parts of Occult Character, only a million times better:

The Sexy Turtle Doves from Chicago put out /a lot/ of material, to the point where I don't check out everything they release. This is a cool, spooky track though:

When I first started doing "New From Bandcamp" posts, I was in a heavy phase, having just discovered grindcore and extreme metal. You don't see that from me too much these days -- not because I don't like that type of music anymore, but just because my music taste is relatively fluid. Here's something odd from Canary Records, a compilation of tracks by professional women whistlers, from 1917 to 1927: