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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

New Rock'n'Roll from Philly, France, and Germany

Here's some new rock'n'roll I think is cool. I see headlines for think pieces about how rock'n'roll is dying. You know the old chestnut, "live everyday like it's your last?" It occurred to me this morning, you know, on the last day of anything, most people just half-ass it.


I dunno if any of the bands below half-assed it, but if they did, good for them, because it's all rad as the af, like the kids say.

Chained Bliss is new punk rock out of Philadelphia. Their first release, Stained Red Promo CS, is available digitally now on Bandcamp for pay what thou wilt, and a cassette is due out soon from Where's The Pleasure Records, which I couldn't find any info on. The four track release is garage punk "influenced by The Vicious/Red Dons/Jay Reatard." I'm not familiar with The Vicious or the Red Dons, but I did get to see Jay Reatard play at a bar in Memphis back in '98 or '99, so I'm still cool, right?

It's a fun 10 minute listen, check it out:

I stalked Chained Bliss a little and found this band Neophobe, with band members in common. Neophobe S/T was released in 2017. Crazy garage punk. The cassette has sold out, but you get the 5 song EP for NYP on Bandcamp. Great stuff:

Trigger Cut is a three piece, noisy post-punk outfit from Germany. My love of Jesus Lizard extends to things that remind me of Jesus Lizard, and this definitely reminds me of Jesus Lizard. Playing in the vein of a popular band without directly apeing them is a tightrope walk, but Trigger Cut seems to pull it off. Released back in May of this year, their 10 song album Buster is available for 8 euros digital, 14 on CD and 18 on vinyl. Highly listenable. Here's the 2nd track, "Blind."

Buddy Records is a rock'n'roll label out of Paris, France and has a bitchin' catalog you should check out. Their most recent release, from September, is Special Friend, a French-American duo with a 5 song S/T that you can get digitally for 3 euros and a 10" vinyl for 10. Highly enjoyable lo-fi pop:

In June of this year, Buddy Records released a 19 song primer for NYP called Buddy #6 - La Messe Est Dite:

To reiterate, the Buddy Records Bandcamp page is definitely worth browsing:

Post-Script: I was going back over old posts after posting the above (because I'm a narcissistic freak) and noticed that, weirdly, it has been exactly a year since I posted that I had put the podcast to bed, and put the blog on semi-hiatus. It is a testament to how much I enjoy doing this that I thought about it quite a bit over the year -- what I wanna do with the blog, I mean. I had some big ideas, relatively speaking. Yet here I am, back, just doing the same thing I've always done with it.

I had a blast listening to the tunes and making this post tonight. I've said it often enough: I'm no critic, just a doof who enjoys all sorts of music. I share what I like with a little color commentary and that, I'm afraid, is all you'll ever get from me. CNQ's never been a music review blog, and I don't think I ever presented it that way, despite numerous requests to review new sounds.

Feel free to submit your music to me -- matt at clean nice quiet dot com. If I like it I'll be sure to share, but please don't expect a full review. Unless I feel like doing it, to which I reserve the right.

Ha, ha.

If I don't like what you've submitted, you may or may not here back from me, apologies in advance. That's just the way I am.

Maybe I've had a few alkie seltzers, but allow me to post a manifesto for moving forward: CNQ is just a hobby blog, for me to share music I like and the occasional thought on this or that that I'm interested in or feel an emotion towards that is worth writing about. For in-depth, critical analysis of an album or a band or a song, you'll have to look elsewhere, friend-o.

But if you're ok with me just doing what I do, stick around and we'll rock some tunes.