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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Best Songs and Other Best Things of the Decade Pt. 1

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, etc. The end of a decade! Time starts to snowball towards the inevitable, whatever that may be. I figure I'll give you CNQ's best of the decade while I wait for Fallout 76 to download. Best game of the decade: Fallout 4. Best book of the decade: I don't read new fiction, but thinking about the books I read in the 2010s, I can count them on one hand because I'm such a poor, slow reader. Don't judge me for being a dummy.

I read The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester early on in the decade and I thought it was great. After that I read some modern fiction zombie book I saw recommended on the back of a "The Walking Dead" comic and it was ok. After that I'm not sure I read anything for a year or two until I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy for the first time. I really liked it. Especially Tom Bombadil.

It took me like two years to read Dracula, which in the end I didn't enjoy that much. I read a couple of Conan stories for the first time, "Red Nails" and "Beyond the Black River," and they were both great. I'm in the middle of another one again, "The Jewels of Gwahlur," and it's been good so far but I'm only a few pages into it.

Best movies of the decade: I don't keep up enough to have a super-informed opinion, but I did see more movies this decade than I read books, for what that's worth. Of what I saw, I'd say Fury Road was my favorite movie of the decade. I liked I, Tonya a lot, and I think of scenes from Looper quite a bit. Hereditary fucked me up when I saw it, I haven't been able to watch scary movies since. The scene in Toy Story 3 with Big Baby sitting by himself on the swing at night, looking up at the moon, defined me as a person. There's a ton of stuff I never saw. Of the Star Wars movies my favorites were Rogue One and Solo. I'm pretty sick of super-hero movies. None of 'em hold up that much. At least from this decade.

TV-wise, I dunno man, Big Mouth was funny. Was the meth drama this decade? We watched all of those, they were good. Wouldn't watch again. As much as I like sci-fi, I stopped watching Black Mirror after the first or second season. But there's some episodes I still think about it from it. Key and Peele produced some classic skits, and my fave is hands down "Prepared for Terries":

Music-wise, let's start with 2010:

2011. This is from 2006 but I first heard it on, probably in or around 2011. Great cover:

2012: Nothing sums up the Mayan Apocalypse like Girl Talk's All Day:

Or White Lung's Sorry:

Up to this point I've just been looking at what I downloaded on iTunes by year. SI downloaded nothing on iTunes in 2013, I guess by that point I was doing CNQ and getting into Bandcamp. This song is from 2008, but I first discovered it in 2013:

Big Freedia became a big deal for us in 2013, and I loved both of these songs:

It's late so I'll pick up from 2013 next post.