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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Your First Purchase for 2020: Timmy Trampeater: "Any Rubbish Will Do"

Author, historian, and Professor of History at Boston College Heather Cox Richardson is doing excellent work with her daily series, Letters From An American, and I recommend everyone subscribe to her daily e-newsletter, or follow her on social media. I found out about her on Facebook.

I was going to do Part 2 of my best of the decade but Jesus, who gives a shit. Let's look forward instead.

I'm aiming to use Fantasy Grounds on Steam to play some 5e D&D with a couple of buddies, and meanwhile looking for a game I can get in on, maybe every other weekend, or once a month, as a player character. On the off-chance a reader here is interested, HMU -- matt at clean nice quiet dot com.

I got a new computer keyboard for Christmas and I'm just a-klack klack klackin' away, lovin' it. But like I sed, who gives a shit, let's rock! I recently got a new cassette player component for my stereo so I'm back in the cassette game.

For your first musical purchase of 2020, I recommend, from Viral Age Records, Any Rubbish Will Do, by Timmy Trampeater. Seems both artist and label are from Nottingham, UK. Any Rubbish Will Do is limited to 50 copies on yellow cassette. 20 songs, all under a minute. Stripped down electric folk punk, nothing but electric guitar and vox. Released on December 29, 2019. Funny little ditties -- interesting choice to not do this with an acoustic guitar. $5 and change USD + $5 and change USD shipping, and you can pay what you will for the digital.