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Friday, January 17, 2020

New From Bandcamp: Two New Instrumental Albums -- Martin Månsson Sjöstrand Trio from Sweden and Boys Age from Japan; and a new psych-pop single from Nomadic Homes from Nova Scotia

A few years back Kale Ogle of Doctor Nod fame was nice enough to design some sweet ass headers and icons for CNQ, really cool collage stuff that Kale is good at. His designs have been the face of CNQ on Facebook and e-mails for a few years now, but a while back I opted for a change on the CNQ blog header with some found public domain art. Tonight I did a full overhaul, channeling 14 year old Matt for some notebook drawings that's in keeping with Kale's back to basics approach with his hand-cut montages, but by me because I'm a creative type and like change but also lazy and hand drawn on notebook paper felt right. I think what I came up with is funny. Who gives a shit one way or the other tho -- let's rock:

CNQ fave Martin Månsson Sjöstrand of Dog Paper Submarine and This Heel is back with the Martin Månsson Sjöstrand Trio, and a nine song digital album called "Universum Faller." My dad taught me there's something special about a three man band. Excellent instrumental prog-surf, the Swedish trio's first album in six years is available for pay-what-thou-wilt on Bandcamp, and absolutely worth paying for (as is anything and everything Martin Månsson Sjöstrand is part of, he's a real talent). And speaking of montages, check out the cover art for "Universum Faller," too cool:

Dedicated CNQ-ers know I'm also a big fan of Boys Age from Japan. Here's another new instrumental album, 6 songs, $2.50 for a digital download. Speaking of cover art, I always love Boys Age cover art. I wonder if he does it himself.

Groovy new psych-pop single from Nova Scotia's Nomadic Homes, $1 CAN: