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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

New Bandcamp Punk from Detroit, Barcelona, Weimar, and Naga City.

With Bandcamp waiving its vig again this Friday, there's my usual roster of cool bands and artists I have lined up to throw some chump change their way. But I thought, here on this Wednesday evening, it would be fun to do one of my old "What's New On Bandcamp?" posts, wherein I dig thru some Bandcamp new releases, and see what kind of noise I uncover. These all seem like good candidates for your chump change. Lo-fi, bedroom recordings from around the world, plus some hardcore from the Philippines, to wit:

From Detroit, a three song EP by a band called Weed Nap. Yo La Tengo-ish:

Two song EP, lo-fi bedroom pop type stuff from Barcelona called Los Tarzanillos. Dig that neat echo-y effect they use in both songs:

Three song EP from Weimar, Germany's JD & EU. Another lo-fi bedroom recording, this appears to be their first release.

From Struggle Records, out of Naga City, Philippines. Struggle Records says they're focusing on local punk and indie bands from the Bicol Region. This is a three song hardcore EP: