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Friday, May 1, 2020

CNQ Recommendations for Bandcamp Fee Waiver Friday

Here's what I picked up from Bandcamp today, what with them being nice enough to forgo their vig and all:

BIB is the nuttiest noise outta Omaha, and this is their latest full length. You can get it on vinyl via Pop Wig Records, but it's not on Bandcamp so I figured I should give my money directly to the band here. The first time I heard BIB, I thought I had drifted ten years into the future:

Here's a rockin' comp from Paris' super-cool Buddy Records:

Another label comp, this from the UK's Specialist Subject Records. It's called "FURLOUGH YOUR DREAMS," and is only available today, Friday 5/1. 100% of the proceeds will be split between the bands involved, they say, which is nice. There's also a t-shirt you can pre-order that looks pretty cool. The Specialist Subject page calls "Furlough Your Dreams" "a brilliant selection of brand new, unreleased, acoustic, demo, lo-fi, rarities & alternative tracks by a bunch of the wonderful bands we work with!" Rock:

CNQ noise punk faves Thin Skin from Denton Texas put out a live album recently, a recording of a show they did down in Austin:

One of the women from Thin Skin has a solo project of electro-weirdo goodness called Candy and the Suckers. I caught up on the discography today but here's the latest release:

You know I love Japan's Boys Age! The freakiest, dreamiest pop. This guy oughta be a star. Here's his latest album:

The excellent ARSE put out a split 7" last October on the EU's always cool Erste Theke Tontraeger Records. Savage hc from Sydney:

London's Sauna Youth, purveyors of quality post-punk, released this today, "a collection of 7" & cassette tracks, old recordings, a live session, unreleased stuff & demos. Re-contextualised here as an album "In Flux"."

I also finally picked up their 2018 full length, "Deaths":

...and finally, Baltimore's noise rock outfit Dope Body, who announced their dissolution a few years back, have been teasing new releases for a while on Facebook, and they finally released a lot of stuff today, including this, 13 new tracks that I am super-excited about. The single, Johnny Bag of Smoke, is the only one I've listened to so far and it's like, the most, man: