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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Proto Idiot, Andrew Anderson, Sauveterre, and Fuzzsucker

A full month in sequesterin' myself off. The missus and I are doing fine and we hope the same for you and yours. Hoppy Easter.

New from Manchester's Proto Idiot, featuring Andrew Anderson of Freak Genes and just ya know l'Monde de Cool:

Back in July of last year, Proto Idiot released a full length that I totally slept on. Here's a video from the song "I Like To Think." I dunno why these guys aren't making millions doing stadium shows, so fuckin' cool:

Meanwhile Anderson continues to fill out his quarantine album "Music Album Idea," now at 11 songs after almost a month since he first posted it to Bandcamp. Here's the most recent track. Again, how am I the only person to have purchased this album on Bandcamp? You fools are sleeping on Anderson:

A new discovery for me, courtesy Hex Windham, is New Orleans' Sauveterre, a French ex-pat doing absolutely gorgeous folk pop. Here's a couple of his recent tracks:

And to wrap things up, a collaboration between Melbourne's Fuzzsucker, and someone named Dirty Juice Boy. Nutty stuff. They set the price for this at $666, and like sure that's funny, but I would drop $10 on this. Maybe they don't need my $10. Here's a great track from it: