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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Hex Windham, Andrew Anderson, Wanz Dover, Lumpy Records and Richter Scale Records

I hope this finds readers and listeners safe and healthy.

A quick note, CNQ is now accepting submissions for the next Weird Bummer compilation! Drop me a link or a .wav file if you'd like to be featured on the next freeform comp, which will be posted to Mixcloud.

Released or unreleased tracks are fine. It's just something for free and for fun, for those with ears who like to listen. Here's the first Weird Bummer, a little over an hour of hot auditory action:

The first one got over 50 listens! But at least 4 of those were mine.

I'm currently on a D&D kick and deep into making characters that I'll probably never play, but paper dolls is something I've always enjoyed and Fantasy Grounds on Steam makes it very easy to come up with a character on the fly. On the off chance you're running or in a 5E game on Fantasy Grounds, let me know if you need a player, I would be down.

I guess I should be doing something to help during this crisis? Unfortunately I have no skills to help, other than being an expert at keeping my distance from fellow humans. So mayhaps I'm doing my part in this by leisurely creating game characters that may or may not do battle with goblin hordes or an evil mage. It's probably what I would be doing tonight anyway, but tonight, I'm doing it for you. And your elders. And myself, I don't want to get out there and be breathed on.

Meanwhile I'm listening to my recent purchases from Bandcamp and have some stuff to share, and hopefully this helps too in its way. First up is Hex Windham's discography. Hex is a guitarist based down in New Orleans, and he's got his finger in a lot of pies, from the giallo-inspired violin drone of his most recent project with Jeff Louviere and the Quaalords, to his Cajun Punk/Punk Cadien projects and synth-pop/synth-punk collaborations, Hex is discovering new sounds while exploring contemporary and traditional music in a lo-fi milieu. I love the word "milieu!" Here's that most recent John Cale-inspired drone track with Jeff Louivere, along with a few of my favorites from Hex's other projects. Expect to hear one or two of these tracks on the upcoming Weird Bummer Mixcloud compilation:


And here's the giallo-inspired instrumental band from New Orleans The Quaalords who teamed up with Hex on that first track above. Their Bandcamp page notes this is a re-recording with violin mastered by Sean Magee (Ramones, T-Rex, Iron Maiden) at Abbey Roads:

Andrew Anderson, of the equally incredible Freak Genes, Proto Idiot, and The Hipshakes is putting out a song every day or so during this crisis, and I can't recommend it enough. He's up to 11 songs now. Christ, how am I the only person who has bought this on Bandcamp???? SO GOOD:

From Dallas living legend Wanz Dover, a 7 track ambient album inspired by two weeks in a hospital bed:

New from Lumpy Records, that's Lumpy on the drums. Got the vinyl for this in the mail the other day. Soaked it in bactine:

And finally, I can't stop thinking about this, from 2017. AUUUUGHHH it's so fuckin' good. I discovered it when I got the Richter Scale discography:

Richter Scale is putting out cool Mixcloud mixes which I'm sharing over on the CNQ Facebook page. Follow us both. What's wrong with you. Besides the global pandemic I mean.